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What is Seasy?

Seasy is a global digital platform for booking berths in marinas.

Are you a marina, buoy field provider, or pier owner looking to amplify your visibility and connect with a global audience of boaters and sailors?  

Or are you a passionate sailor searching for the perfect berth for your next voyage? Welcome to, where we bring Marinas and Boaters together for seamless bookings and unforgettable experiences.

Why choose Seasy?

  • Diverse platform, common goal: The Seasy platform is designed to meet diverse needs, providing an intuitive interface for easy navigation and interaction.
  • Global reach: Sesy is not limited to one region or country. Seasy marinas from all over the world can present their services to an international audience. Boaters, regardless of their location, can research and book berths from various global locations.
  • Easy bookings: Gone are the days of laboriously searching for the right berth for all sailors. The Sesy platform offers an extensive list of berths in various marinas and moorings. Find the perfect choice and book a berth with just one click!
  • Reliable and transparent: Each marina listed on the platform undergoes a thorough check to offer sailors only the best. Reviews, ratings and detailed descriptions allow users to make the right decisions.
  • For every boat and sailor: Whether you own a luxury yacht or an average sailboat, the Seasy platform provides services for all sizes and types of vessels. Similarly, whether you are an experienced sailor or new to the sailing world, Seasy is designed and suitable for everyone.

Join the Wave of Convenience!

For marinas: Increase your bookings, showcase your unique offerings, and become a part of a global community that values quality and authenticity.

For Boaters & Sailors: Embrace the freedom to choose from a diverse range of berths, with the peace of mind that you're choosing from the best.


Set sail towards better opportunities with Your journey begins here!


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