Terms of use

The owner of the internet portal is the company Zona Plus d.o.o. from Zadar.

The term "Portal" in the following text refers to the website and its owner Zona Plus d.o.o., employees of Zona Plus d.o.o. and the editorial office of the portal, as providers of content and services of the internet portal

By using the Portal, you agree to these General Terms of Use, accept and submit to Croatian material law as the sole authority for the interpretation, application and legal effects of all permissions, exclusions and terms of use of the Portal. Croatian courts are exclusively competent for all claims and disputes arising from the use of the Portal in question or in connection with them.

In the following text, the term "Portal user" refers to all natural and legal persons:

  • which have any form of interaction with the content of the Portal on the web domain (pages) and the corresponding sub-pages of the Portal;
  • that advertise their products or services on the Portal;
  • who publish their author's or non-authors materials - texts, photos, documents, audio, video and multimedia works, etc.
  • who, for any reason, uploads to the Portal or download from the Portal any content, information and personal data, either through Internet browsers or some other communication and electronic technology, directly or through the Portal's editors;

We ask all users of the Portal and associated content (texts, photos, audio-visual content) and applications to carefully read the General Terms of Use of the Portal before browsing the Portal and using it.

It is considered that all users of the Portal are familiar with the terms of use and that they fully understand and accept them at all times.

If you do not understand and accept these General Terms of Use of the Portal, you may not use the content of the Portal or the services on its pages.

The Portal reserves the right to limit, change or terminate the provision of the Portal service if it decides to do so without prior notice.

The Portal reserves the right to change or supplement the General Terms of Use of the Portal at any time, and such changes shall enter into force on the day of publication on the Portal. By continuing to access the Portal or using any part of the content or service of the Portal, you will be deemed to agree to such amended or supplemented General Terms of Use of the Portal. The Portal advises you to periodically check the General Terms of Use of the Portal to be aware of possible changes.


The content of the Portal is related to nautical charters and nautical in the Republic of Croatia, charter companies and all those companies that directly cooperate and do business with them.  The content is intended for owners, managers and employees of charter companies who can find topics related to development, business,  marketing and sales. In cooperation with professional associates, we want to encourage charter employees to be informed and familiar with trends and opportunities for improving charter business.  Also, we want to enable professionals related to nautical charter to present their work through the Portal and share their knowledge and expertise in one place to a broader population of Portal visitors.

The use of the Portal is approved for adults. There is no inappropriate content or photos on the Portal.

Viewing all materials and contents may be used only for personal, non-commercial purposes. It may not be reproduced or modified in any way, performed and distributed in public, or used in any way for a public or commercial purpose.

Users of the Portal who violate the rules of these General Terms of Use will be subject to special measures such as a ban on access to the Portal or, exceptionally, will be reported to the authorities.

In addition to the above, the Portal publishes marketing content from advertisers who show interest in it.

The content on the Portal is published with the best intentions and with prior verification of the information's accuracy and/or truthfulness. The Portal disclaims any responsibility for possible inaccuracies of the information, or any damage caused as a result of read content, advice or recommendation.

The portal also contains documents, data, information as well as links ( "links ") to other Internet pages created by third parties which, to the extent necessary and possible, will be marked as such. The portal has no control over said documents, data, information or other Internet pages at all and fully disclaims all responsibility, including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness and availability of content on Internet pages created by third parties. The portal disclaims all responsibility for any content displayed on such third-party sites, as well as for any products or services acquired through such third-party sites. Such third parties will not be considered to be in any way connected with the Portal simply because of the existence of a link with the website.

To the maximum extent permitted by positive regulations, the Portal is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to you or other users in connection with the use or reliance on any content published on the Portal.

All posts, messages, texts, displays, photos, videos and other materials published on the pages, transmitted via the pages or linked from the pages are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originated. The Portal does not make any guarantees regarding such content's accuracy, completeness or authenticity.

In the event of any claims by third parties based on damages against the Portal, and on any basis related to the content you have provided, you undertake to take full responsibility for such damage and to take all actions to remove such liability from the Portal, and to compensate the Portal for all damage caused to it based on such claims of third parties.

The Portal is not responsible for changes or opportunities arising from an individual event that was announced through the Portal or recommended on the Portal's pages.

The Portal disclaims all responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental and consequential damages arising from missed opportunities, damages and viruses that may occur on your computer using the Portal and its information.

The Portal is not considered responsible for the effect of the content and services on the Portal, for the way the content is interpreted and for the actions that the user takes or could take under the influence of the content or services published on the Portal.

The content published on the Portal can serve as advice or guidance from an individual professional associate, but it cannot and is not a substitute for the advice and actual visit of a competent lawyer, tax advisor, banker, accountant and other authorised experts.

Contributors who publish their content on the Portal are personally responsible for its content. The Portal cannot control and react to every post they make, nor is it responsible for their content.

Each user of the Portal is personally responsible for his interaction and communication with other users of the Portal and accepts that such interaction and communication does not have confidential content. Accordingly, the Portal has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor communication between users that takes place through the Portal.

If the content is downloaded from other Portals, it only concerns copyright and the source's indication and link (backlink) with prior agreement.

The Portal's editors reserve the right to decide on the publication or modification of individual content on the Portal. We do not guarantee the publication of every received information, and it depends on the assessment of the Portal editors.

The portal reserves the right to remove the content of the Portal at any time without special notice.

Texts and content do not necessarily represent the position or opinion of the editors.

Photos placed on the Portal separately or as part of an article are from free or paid stocks (stock exchanges) or downloaded from sites with a prior agreement on their download with respect to copyright.

Use of the Portal and user interaction

Each user of the Portal is personally responsible for his interaction and communication with other users of the Portal and accepts that such interaction and communication does not have confidential content. Accordingly, the Portal has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor communication between users that takes place through the Portal.

As a user of the Portal, you undertake not to use the Portal, i.e. the content and services of the Portal in order to:

  • presented themselves for the purpose of their own promotion unless you have agreed on such a form of promotion only with the Portal;
  • harmed, intimidated or threatened third parties, i.e. spread hate speech;
  • incited, facilitated the incitement and spread of hatred or discrimination based on race or ethnic origin or colour, sex, language, religion, political or other belief, national or social origin, property status, membership in a trade union, education, social position, marital or family status, age, state of health, disability, genetic heritage, and anti-Semitism and xenophobia, ideas of fascist, nationalist, communist and other totalitarian regimes;
  • publish, transmit and/or exchange content that is in violation of positive regulations, then content that is offensive, vulgar, racist, chauvinistic, pornographic, that represents hate speech or is inappropriate in any other way;
  • harassed, threatened, insulted, threatened, misled third parties or threatened their rights in any way;
  • publish, transmit and/or exchange information that you know or must know to be false, and the publication of which could harm other users and/or the Portal;
  • performed any illegal or unauthorised activity;
  • transmit or distribute any illegal software, including but not limited to malicious software, viruses, spyware, trojans, or the like;
  • publish, transmit and/or exchange personal data of third parties;
  • publish, transmit and/or exchange content that contains viruses or similar malicious software or other programs designed to destroy or limit the operation of any computer software and/or hardware and telecommunications equipment;
  • in the comments advertised or asked any other user to buy or sell any product and/or service, used information obtained from the content on the pages to contact other users for the purpose of advertising, presenting or selling products without their permission and published, transmitted and /or exchange unsolicited content to users without their consent or request;
  • conduct any pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk mail, spam or any other form of multiple sending of commercial or other content;
  • publish, transmit and/or exchange content protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • suggest your association with the Portal;
  • violated any positive regulation.

You undertake to comply with the warnings and instructions of the Portal; that is, you will not falsely report other users of the Portal. Users of the Portal who ignore the warning messages of the Portal will be punished with a ban on access.

The Portal is not responsible in any way for the data published by the users of the Portal. The Portal has the right to delete, change, move or delete any content that it believes violates the Portal's rules and conditions of use without prior notice.

Posting unnecessary and undesirable information, information not related to the topic, inappropriate conversation with users of the Portal, as well as formatting posted content in such a way as to reduce their readability, will be sanctioned by the Portal.

Intentional provoking, non-constructive initiation or duplication of topics is prohibited.

All possible disputes arising from mutual relations between users of the Portal are resolved exclusively between users of the Portal. The Portal is not responsible for any damage of any kind arising as a result of such relationships.

Protection of personal data

The company Zona Plus d.o.o., as the owner of the Portal, undertakes to protect personal data collected from users. Users voluntarily provided their personal data when accessing and using interactive services on the Portal, such as creating content, commenting and rating articles, as well as contact information necessary for inquiries to external providers who advertise on the site. Personal data is also used when sending the newsletter in order to improve communication between the editors and users and is collected voluntarily.

Registracijom na Portalu korisnici automatski pristaju na komunikaciju e-mailom (newsletterom), odnosno na periodično primanje informacija o novostima na Portalu. Korisnik u svakom trenutku može poništiti taj pristanak u dnu newslettera ili nas kontaktirati putem e-mail adrese urednistvo@č

The Portal user is responsible for ensuring that the information he entered is accurate and that he is an adult.

You agree that Zona Plus d.o.o. may collect the following personal data from you:

  • Name and surname
  • Residential address / residence
  • Fixed and mobile phone numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Company name and address of headquarters and business units
  • Company contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.)

Electronic documents that the Portal user wants to share with other Portal users

Data that the user provides to the Portal or submits through official channels of communication with the editors and the owner of the Portal, the user submits at his own risk, and this data is used for further communication with the user, insight and understanding of the user's needs, habits and requirements as well as further development of the Portal.

All users who participate in comments in certain sections on the Portal that allow this are obliged to comply with the rules of conduct from the General Terms of Use. The Portal is not responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of such information published in that way, nor for any copyright infringement that may have occurred in that case.

The Portal has the right to change the content or retain the right to authorise articles published by visitors or possibly remove them without a particular explanation or announcement.

The content of the messages and information in the comments are not the responsibility of the Portal, nor are the consequences that may arise from their use.

Comments and opinions posted by users of the Portal are the sole responsibility of the users of the Portal who publish them and are not the opinions of the Portal editors. The Portal is not responsible for any damage caused by giving opinions, commenting and uploading content by users of the Portal and has the right to remove any content from the Portal without prior notice and/or explanation.

For all collected data, we undertake not to misuse them and to use them in accordance with the valid Personal Data Protection Act.

With all personal data protection measures that the Portal approaches seriously and responsibly, there is always the possibility of data misuse and illegal alienation when transferring data via the Internet or wireless connections. In case of theft of personal data from the Portal or illegal activities of Portal users, the Portal cannot guarantee the protection of any information transferred to or from the Portal and is not responsible for the actions of any third party to whom such data becomes available.

These General Terms of Use refer only to the use and use of data collected by the Portal from users. Other websites that can be accessed through the Portal have their own statements on confidentiality and data collection, as well as the methods of their use and publication. The Portal is not responsible for the ways and conditions of work of third parties.

Depending on the types of activities, some data that we ask you to provide is designated as mandatory, and some as voluntary. If you do not provide the mandatory information for a particular activity that requires it, you will not be permitted to engage in such activity.

In addition to the personal data of users of the Portal, the Portal can also collect other data that cannot identify you and are not considered personal data (for example, data about your preferences, hobbies, interests, and activities), which enable the Portal to select data in a more qualitative, precise and personal manner for the user.


All content, documents, data and information published on the Portal, including all content provided by users and collaborators, are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, and may not be published, reproduced, distributed or used in any way without express prior written consent. Consent of the holder of the corresponding right and the Portal.

The Portal may publish links and advertisements to other Internet sites but is not responsible for damage caused by visiting or using these sites. Advertisements published on the Portal are the property of the advertiser.

The editorial content of the Portal is expressly owned by the Portal.

By using the Portal, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use the content of the Portal in such a way that you view it for personal purposes, subject to the following conditions:

  • the contents and services are used by the user at his own risk;
  • the user of the Portal may use the contents and services only in compliance with the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of their holders and the Portal;
  • the user of the Portal may not make any modifications to the contents and services without the prior express written consent of the Portal;
  • on all content and materials used, copyright notices, trademarks, trademarks, and logos must be visible if the matter allows it.

The Portal expressly reserves and does not transfer to the user any other rights concerning the Portal's content and prohibits the use of the Portal's content, except as determined by these General Terms of Use and as possibly permitted by the instructions on the Portal's web pages.

By publishing your content (comments, articles, texts, opinions, offers, etc.) on the Portal, you grant the Portal the right to use that content indefinitely in time and space without the obligation to pay any fee. The Portal has the right to publish, reproduce, distribute, modify, adapt, translate and use such content in any other way. The above does not apply to your personal data.

Portal user guarantee - when publishing or uploading your content to the Portal, you give the Portal the following warranties regarding such content:

  • that he is the author of the said content, i.e. that he is authorised by the author or other holder of copyright or other intellectual property right to publish such content;
  • that the content complies with all positive regulations;
  • that the publication of content protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights in any form will not in any way violate the rights of third parties, including in particular copyright and other intellectual property rights, reputation, honour and dignity, the right to privacy and other rights of third parties;
  • that the use of these contents on the Portal will not cause material or non-material damage to the editors, other users or third parties;
  • that the contents are complete, true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

The Portal undertakes not to publish content that contains the following:

  • Which can cause harm to other people, and which are suspected to be fake
  • Which violate copyright or contain viruses
  • Which have a pornographic character or links to such content
  • Which promotes prohibited products such as drugs, tobacco products, alcohol and prescription drugs
  • Which can cause moral or physical harm to minors
  • Photographs or personal data of third parties
  • Which incites strife and which promotes or glorifies violence and crime and, therefore may seriously impair the physical, mental or moral development of persons, especially those involving pornography or gratuitous violence
  • Which violates existing Croatian and/or international laws
  • Which includes or promotes any discrimination based on sex, race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation
  • Which incite and spread hatred or discrimination based on race or ethnicity or skin colour, gender, language, religion, political or other belief, financial status or other items from Article 12 paragraph 2 of NN94/13 from the Electronic Media Act
  • Sweepstakes or quizzes with clear rules
  • Which calls into question respect for human dignity
  • Which encourages behaviour that is harmful to health or safety
  • Which quote offensive comments or are written in a language and script other than Croatian and the Latin script

Publication of advertising materials and advertising

The Portal provides advertising services for its products and services to interested legal and natural persons.

All advertisers of products and services as users of the Portal must comply with all regulations specified in these General Terms of Use. By advertising any material on the Portal, you agree that you are fully aware of the General Terms of Use of the Portal.

Each publication of advertising material is preceded by the following:

  • official offer of Zona Plus d.o.o. as an advertising service provider, with clearly stated conditions and advertising price;
  • your confirmation of the offered services in the time, functional and price range to the contact specified in the offer;
  • your payment of the advertising amount to the bank account specified in the offer;
  • your delivery of all necessary advertising materials, according to the type, scope and term conditions specified in the instructions and correspondence with the advertising service provider, Zona Plus. d.o.o..

The Portal may, without explanation, refuse to advertise any advertising material that it deems for any reason to be inappropriate in terms of content or technology.

For advertising purposes, the Portal will collect the following personal data and materials from advertisers:

  • Name and surname
  • Residential address / residence
  • Fixed and mobile phone numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Company name and address of headquarters and business units
  • Company contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.)
  • Text descriptions of personal activities
  • Photos, graphics, trademarks and logos related to the advertiser's personal promotion, company, products and services
  • Electronic documents that the advertiser wants to share with Portal users
  • Video and audio materials and recordings related to advertising content

By submitting personal data and advertising materials to the Portal, you understand all legal provisions and obligations related to the truthfulness of the data and copyright related to the materials.

By submitting your materials to the Portal for advertising purposes, you agree that the Portal may record, store, process and change data for the purposes of display on the Portal and further marketing activities of the Portal, without prior notice and additional consent of the owner and/or material deliverer.

Suppose you submit data, content and materials to the Portal that are not your personal property and/or do not relate to the activity and products that are your legal property. In that case, you are obliged to personally agree with the owner and/or the legally responsible person for the submitted data, content and materials and arrange for the same to be published on the Portal.

Any misuse of data, content and material by advertisers who supply the same to the Portal without authorisation, without agreement and without agreement with the legal owner of the data, content and material cannot be the legal responsibility of the Portal or the subject of any legal dispute involving the Portal.

To avoid further misinterpretation, we reiterate that the advertiser as a user of the Portal guarantees the truthfulness, correctness and accuracy of all data and materials published on the Portal, as well as the awareness that he is aware of copyright and all obligations arising from the copyright of the materials he submits to the Portal and which the Portal for the advertiser publishes on the Portal.

The Portal cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to any natural or legal person caused by the publication of advertising materials on the Portal or any form of distribution of materials to other portals or media.

Advertising materials are exclusively informative in nature and all users of the Portal understand that the Portal cannot respond to or be part of any legal dispute arising from the interpretation and textual, visual or audio reading of any advertising material on the Portal.


The Portal is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to the interruption of availability, non-publishing or deletion of content or errors in the operation of the web pages.

You use the Portal solely at your own risk. The Portal and any legal or physical person associated with it do not guarantee in any way that the Portal will not be interrupted or that it will be without difficulties in operation. You accept that access to the website may sometimes be interrupted, temporarily unavailable or turned off due to routine site maintenance and other reasons for which the Portal is not responsible.

You are familiar with and agree to the fact that when using the Internet network, technical problems may sometimes occur in the functioning of the above, and thus temporary interruption of services. Such and similar events are beyond our control, so the Portal cannot be held responsible for any data loss or other event that may occur during the use and provision of services. In no case will the Portal be accountable for any damage that may arise as a result of using or not being able to use this website.

These terms of use are applied in accordance with the law of the Republic of Croatia, and in the event of a dispute, the court in Zadar is competent.