Charterhub - Tools -


Charterhub is a modular cloud-based software for charter business management. It allows you to automate routine processes and increase business efficiency. It is divided into modules for more straightforward configuration and implementation.

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Hubspot - Tools -


Hubspot is a software package that combines marketing, sales and customer service tools. Based on the principle of the so-called inbound marketing helps you reach your sales goals. It includes a free CRM system ideal for upgrading marketing and sales tools.

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Tap2review - Tools -


Tap2review is a service that allows users to leave reviews on multiple services simultaneously for the service they used. With the help of NCF, which is enabled for most mobile devices, or simply reading a QR code, users can leave their reviews on the spot and thus contribute to building your brand.

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Ecommpay - Alati - Č


ECOMMPAY is an international payment service provider and direct card acquirer who offers an all-in-one payment solution uniquely tailored to yacht charter management.

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InfoBoard - Alati - Č


InfoBoard je mali personalizirani uređaj s vašim brendom i logom koji sadrži NFC tehnologiju i QR kod. Pojedinačni boardovi različitih veličina, ugravirani ili nalijepljeni, budu postavljeni na plovilu tako da gost ima pristup samo jednim klikom svim bitnim informacijama na jednom mjestu, te još mnogo drugih opcija

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Total Processing - Tools -

Total Processing

Total Processing is a Payment gateway system that authorises online financial transactions that take place in real-time. It is an integrated software solution that automates the service billing process between the customer (customer), the webshop (store) and the bank.

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Pure Clarity - Tools -

Pure Clarity

Pure Clarity is software that offers a wide range of features that help you increase your revenue and average booking value, converting your website visitors into loyal customers. Stand out online and provide your customers with a highly personalised yacht booking experience.

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