A success story: Asta Yachting

Success stories: Asta Yachting - Charter.hr

New digital strategy

Advertising boat rental services on Google has proven to be the most effective digital marketing strategy despite the pandemic conditions.

The ratio of investment to return on investment in pre-pandemic conditions was 1:7
Success stories: Asta Yachting - Charter.hr

The goal of campaigns on the Google search engine

  • Income increase
  • Increase conversions - inquiries
  • Increasing the number of visitors to websites
Long-term continuous investment in advertising on the Google search engine has paid off many times over

12% more new users on websites!

The pandemic stopped the world, but not us

Asta Yachting is a Croatian charter company operating for more than 25 years and can rightly be called a pioneer in the nautical charter. It maintains its fleet of over 50 vessels and makes it available to guests from its base in the largest marina in Croatia - Marina Dalmacija in Sukošan.

The company adopted digital marketing trends very early and has been using digital strategies to improve its business for almost 10 years.

With the onset of the pandemic, the stopping of travel, and then the cancellation of reservations, it was a big challenge for this company. The question that arose was whether all marketing activities should be stopped and advertising budgets should be "frozen". The final decision in agreement with marketing experts, who were also uncertain, prevailed in favour of continuing the activity, but in a reduced volume. However, this turned out to be a key advantage for the business.

Success stories: Asta Yachting - Charter.hr

Main communication messages

After researching all available information, which was very little, and we had no relevant indicators of what to expect, we created an entirely new communication and digital strategy.

It was necessary to quickly decide which key messages we wanted our guests to hear, which would encourage them and give them at least some support during such challenging times.

The main communication message was that of "safe services" and later "safe destinations" with the help of the national campaign "Safe Stay in Croatia"

Google advertising served to reach as much as possible to new users who needed specific information about the trip to the destination and the procedures they could expect during the trip and during their stay on our sailboats.

The appearance on social networks was also in the service of spreading and propagating the basic communication message of a safe destination.

With good communication messages and well-chosen digital channels - Google, Facebook, E-mail, and Website - we established trust among potential and existing clients.

Success stories: Asta Yachting - Charter.hr

Communication strategy

  • Use existing data
  • Cover potential emission markets
  • Segment users
  • Use Google's tools for new data
  • Formation of communication messages

Results of the new strategy

  • 6% more organic searches on websites
  • Paid ads achieved a 4.7% increase in users
  • Increase of new users by 12% compared to pre-pandemic 2019.
  • Increase in the number of leads from new markets by 20%
  • Engagement rate increased monthly by 5%


Organic traffic
New users
Number of leads

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