A success story: Euronautic

Success stories: Euronautic - Charter.hr

Continuity of online presence is the key to success

A carefully designed marketing campaign on social networks and via e-mail led to the growth and development of the business even during the pandemic.

In just 6 months, the company increased the number of followers on Instagram by 80%. .
Success stories: Euronautic - Charter.hr

Key indicators of a social media campaign

  • Facebook - collecting new leads
  • Instagram - gathering new followers and increasing engagement on posts
  • LinkedIn - connecting with the professional community, a number of new connections
  • Monthly newsletter - increase in the number of inquiries
  • Precisely targeted ads on social networks - conversions, inquiries
A brand that stands out from the competition for its comprehensive, flexible and innovative strategy.

138.5K views within 7 days!

Pandemic as a challenge

Euronautic is a nautical charter company based in Biograd na Moru and has over 70 vessels for rent. Since its establishment, the company has recorded constant business growth.

Thus, for the 2020 season, they opened another charter base in the Pirovac marina. Last year, the Covid19 pandemic presented businesses with a big challenge that had to be overcome.

The emergence of the pandemic in the world brought uncertainty, and the beginning of the intensive campaign for the summer was approaching. The help of experts seemed like a very realistic solution. In January 2020, the creation of the plan and implementation of the campaign began, which had to be modified only after three months after the start of the performance.

Success stories: Euronautic - Charter.hr

Overcoming challenges

After forming a team, we created a campaign plan on social networks. We tried, as much as possible, to make everything innovative and interesting so that the new package of services would be "different and more innovative".

This was our pivotal starting point for the success of the campaign. The campaign project included several services, each intended for a specific market.

We wanted the quality of the work to be at the highest level, so on this occasion, we hired external copywriters to help us with their innovative ideas. Such an undertaking made it possible to meet all the deadlines ahead of us.

The entire work breathed new life into our brand. Most importantly, we connected with clients on an emotional level. We have shown that the brand understands all their wishes and needs.

By speaking a "common language", we understood each other, which ultimately led to a significant increase in engagement, i.e. clicks, likes, comments and followers.

Sales of services also increased more than expected given the pandemic. Projections at the beginning of the season were not optimistic, but it turned out that we ended the 2020 charter season with results beyond our expectations.

Success stories: Euronautic - Charter.hr

Activities within the campaign

  • Continuous e-mail newsletter with the latest news and updates
  • Ads for Facebook
  • Ads for Instagram
  • Blog posts on the website
  • PR articles on portals
  • Professional posts on LinkedIn

Campaign results

  • All company deadlines were met.
  • Continuity of digital advertising maintained.
  • The average CTR jumped by 80% in the first 50 days of the campaign.
  • Posts on Instagram gathered 95% more likes than before the campaign
  • Increase in the number of users on social networks by 42%
  • Increased engagement rate by 20%


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