A success story: Otium Yachts

Success stories: Otium Yachts - Charter.hr

A new brand in new circumstances

The brand created at the beginning of the pandemic had an answer to the entire situation with the COVID-19 challenge - a new website with a clean design and a carefully designed marketing campaign on social networks.

A new brand name that achieved over 6,000 website visits in the first three months.
Success stories: Otium Yachts - Charter.hr

Performance strategy on social networks

  • Facebook - traffic to the website
  • Instagram - gathering new followers and increasing engagement on posts
  • Blog posts - creating interesting content and building trust
  • Creating content and encouraging audience engagement
A charter agency that stands out from the competition for its consistent digital strategy.

13K new users on the website!

Differentiation from the competition

Otium Yachts is a yacht charter agency from Split, run by professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the tourism and charter business. They stand out with their exclusive offer of 6 unique gulets for rent in Croatia and the Mediterranean.

In addition to their core fleet, they also offer a wide selection of luxury yachts for charter, each in their own way creating tailor-made experiences for end clients. Considering the competition that also provides yacht charters, they wanted to stand out with their exclusive offer and take a stable position in the B2C market. Amid the pandemic in 2020, they decided on a new digital marketing strategy. They began implementing a new website, which led to the maintenance of business and the opening of new markets during the pandemic.

Success stories: Otium Yachts - Charter.hr

Overcoming challenges

How to stand out with your offer to end guests, and how to get their attention? That was one of the main questions.

Ivana Klarić Poljak, director of Otium Yachts, says:

"What we want to achieve on social network platforms while gaining new users is flexibility, which allows us to "work centrally" when we need to and to work individually when we need to. This flexibility means that we can react and offer our clients the right solution and top service regardless of time and place. It represents who we are as a company."

The new brand came to life, and the results were visible soon after the website launch. As key performance indicators, we measured engagement on posts on Facebook and Instagram, the number of new leads via social networks, the number of website visitors, and the number of inquiries sent through the contact form.

The results were more than satisfactory. The significant increase in engagement, i.e. clicks, likes, comments and follows from month to month and, ultimately, the sale of services was more than expected considering the pandemic. Projections at the beginning of the season were not optimistic, but it turned out that we ended the 2020 charter season with results beyond our expectations.

Success stories: Otium Yachts - Charter.hr

Activities within the campaign

  • Creating a digital strategy for social networks
  • Content creation and publishing
  • Ads for Facebook
  • Ads for Instagram
  • Blog posts on the website
  • Video content creation

Campaign results

  • A new brand name was created
  • 13K users in the first 9 months
  • Audience growth on Instagram by +400%
  • Increase in the number of leads from new markets by +45%
  • Engagement rate on posts increased monthly by +5%


Engagement rate
Number of leads
Instagram audience

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