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Laundry Intimela, based in Split, provides high-quality and fast service by combining modern technology, manual work and an expert eye.

They use professional equipment and detergents for both; washing and drying laundry and have optimized processes to protect laundry from damage and ensure the highest quality service.

Why use Intimela services

Thanks to special washing technology, they extend laundry life by up to 30%. They use only renowned world manufacturers' highest-quality professional machines (Miele, Primus, Stahl, Lavamac, etc.).

Due to quality control, only a professional industrial roller (80 cm in diameter) is used for ironing, combined with manual stacking. This ensures top quality and simultaneous detection of all residual stains.

They are especially dedicated to stain removal, and all textiles from which stains are not washed in the first wash are washed again at their own expense.

All dryers have moisture sensors so that the bed linen and other laundry are ideally prepared for the best quality ironing. This way, the towels do not dry out and remain soft, providing that luxurious, fluffy feeling. After ironing, the laundry is stored in a dry and clean area, and after some time, in order to preserve its freshness and scent, it is packed in stretch film.

They sort the dirty laundry in a separate room so that it is ensured that the clean laundry is really clean and will not come into contact with the dirty laundry.

Intimela services

Textile washing and ironing services are offered to:

  • Vessel owners
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments
  • Private persons

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