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Agency for digital marketing

Company profile

Zona plus d.o.o. is a digital marketing agency. Our clients are companies that want to enhance their business through new digital marketing trends. Long-term experience has shown us that companies that apply digital marketing in their business achieve better results faster. Our main job is to increase your visibility on the Internet so that you can make more sales.

Why use Zona Plus services?

We create advertising campaigns that are shown to those interested in your product or service, or who want a new experience and can pay for it. By bringing more customers to your websites, we increase the online visibility of your business. Once we've succeeded, it's up to you to focus on your customers, and we'll do our best to help new clients find you.

Together we create regular, satisfied and loyal customers.

Zona Plus agency services

  • Social media management
    Maintaining social media profiles and creating content on a daily basis. Our mission is to turn followers into customers.
  • Internet advertising
    You can have the best service in the world, but if your customers can't see it, you haven't done anything. By creating targeted ads, we can reach the right audience.
  • Employee training
    We provide educational training for your company. With our expertise in digital marketing, we strengthen your team with knowledge and skills that will benefit your business.
  • Analysis and strategy
    We analyze your sales processes and design a digital strategy that brings new customers and retains existing ones.
  • E-mail marketing
    We create creative and impressive newsletters that we send to your clients. By providing quality content, we encourage them to click and purchase.
  • Content marketing
    Well-written content will attract your clients and keep them engaged with your brand. We create content with which you will gain trust. 


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