Seazone - everything in one place for nautical and yacht charter professionals

Seazone redefines standards, integrating all segments of the charter business, like vessel management or crew recruitment. Seazone offers digital tools - all in one place and the ability to adapt to your needs. Find out what makes Seazone unique.

For a long time, nautical and yacht charter businesses have been in dire need of one place where everything they need for work can be found. The industry is growing rapidly and progressing; competition is fierce, and it is necessary to stay in tune with all the changes. 
A solution was badly needed - in the form of a single place, which would simplify all those complex work processes. A solution that would ease all the challenges faced by managers and yacht charter companies as well as all other nautical businesses. 
Therefore, Seazone created a web application - that is, a set of digital tools - according to the requirements and needs of yacht charter professionals. 
With Seazone, you can (finally) gain control over your processes, unifying tasks such as cost tracking, document organisation, and yacht charter and fleet management in one place. 
This unique, intuitive platform also simplifies the crew recruitment process, making finding qualified crew members easier. 
Seazone allows all owners, managers, captains and crew to focus on what they do best - sailing, and is divided into three modules: 

  • Solutions 
  • Crew and Jobs 
  • Services and Suppliers 

Seazone Solutions 

Seazone Solutions is a package of solutions explicitly created for vessel administration and financial and maintenance management - for business fleet management and yacht charter operations
With the help of the Solutions module, you can effectively manage documentation and finances, manage and organise expenses, create budgets and analyse individual vessels or the entire fleet. 
Tasks, schedules and projects are easily managed and accessible from any device

Seazone Yacht Administration – simplified business administration 

With the Seazone Yacht Administration platform, you can monitor all your vessels from one centralised location. You can manage the fleet and its documentation directly within the platform. You can also compare all financial and administrative data. 
Seazone can also integrate with leading marine applications such as Vessel Finder, Windy, Marine Traffic and Google Calendar, allowing you to receive real-time data directly within the platform. 

Seazone Fleet Management - fleet management option 

With the help of Seazone Fleet Management's secure and intuitive platform, you can control your entire fleet from any device. 
This easy-to-use dashboard makes managing one or more fleets extremely easy, as it allows monitoring the status of vessels, their locations, tracking financial data, and potential alerts in real-time. 
Seazone Fleet Management is a fleet management option that offers complete data control. It is equipped with tools for comparative analysis and also generates automatic reports. 

Seazone Finance Management - financial management in one place 

Seazone has also succeeded in transforming the approach to the financial management of nautical and yacht charter businesses. 
With the help of Seazone Finance Management, you can control and monitor your expenses and make monthly and annual reports, and every transaction is carefully recorded. 
Seazone also knows how important data security and privacy are and thus offers different settings for user permissions. It is possible to adjust roles and data access levels, including the most sensitive ones, because only authorised personnel can access them.   

Seazone Charter and Trip Management  

Seazone Charter and Trip Management software for yacht charter and route management is a great and simple solution which you can use directly from your mobile device. 
With this innovative software, you can effectively manage your fleet, and it is intended for yacht charter company owners and private boat owners as well. 
This would mean vessel and/or fleet administration is significantly simplified through Seazone Charter and Trip Management. From the dashboard, you can easily manage related documents and guest information, track rentals, track APA and expenses, and even calculate fuel consumption - all in one place.  

Seazone Yacht Maintenance - a solution for yacht maintenance 

The Seazone Yacht Maintenance solution is designed specifically for yacht charter management and those companies that want to simplify and connect tasks related to vessel maintenance. 
The control panel offers everything in one place - an overview of the maintenance of each vessel, its operation, and technical status. It monitors the daily work schedule and upcoming tasks. It summarises the progress of work tasks and projects, thus facilitating maintenance monitoring. 
With a daily task calendar, Yacht Maintenance provides a structured workflow, including reminders and a to-do list, categorised by priority level. 

Seazone Crew and Jobs 

The Seazone Crew and Jobs module enables everything from crew recruitment to career management, and through this platform is possible exclusive access to potential jobs
This module simplifies the process of finding and hiring a yacht crew; it is adapted to those who offer a job and the crew looking for it. 
The Crew and Jobs module contains tools for creating a professional CV, managing personal documents, accessing courses, training, and more. This CV provides all the necessary information, including a detailed description of work experience, essential documentation and completed courses. Candidates can additionally stand out with a motivational letter, video presentation or photos. 
If you are looking for crew and hiring, you can create a job ad and a detailed description of the conditions you are looking for in just a few minutes. 
Seazone sets this recruitment process apart with a unique resume format that puts essential information at the forefront, making it easier for employers to evaluate candidates and vice versa. 
Seazone also connects its users with training centres and colleges worldwide, offering all information and special offers on courses and services. 

Seazone Services and Suppliers 

Seazone is a comprehensive platform that bridges the gap between service demand and supply. It was specially designed to connect all businesses related to boats and nautical. 
Seazone Services and Suppliers also offers an interactive map showing services and suppliers, detailed business profiles, contacts, and reviews
In addition, it provides up-to-date information on marinas, including contacts, booking information and reviews, all searchable by location
For all companies focusing on nautical business, registering on Seazone is an excellent solution for promoting services, as it facilitates direct orders and offers. 
Colleges and training centres can use Seazone to promote their courses and offers to a database with over 30,000 members. 


Seazone Benefit Hub – high standard of management 

As a digital platform, Seazone is a solution that has changed and raised the standards of vessel management and operations for the crew, captains, managers, and owners of yacht charter companies and vessels, as well as services and suppliers. 
In addition to its functional technology, the Seazone platform stands out for its exceptional user support. Their online support team provides personalised service to address any queries or needs you may have. 
As an additional benefit, Seazone has introduced the Benefit Hub – a place specially designed for nautical and yacht charter professionals. 
In this unique space, it is possible to highlight your special offer, as well as your business, and it is also the place where all those who need services like yours can find you. 
This Benefit Hub is a vital resource for anyone in the industry who wants to improve their business

Seazone also entered into a strategic partnership with Zona Plus, a Croatian digital marketing company
This collaboration was created to combine the strengths of both companies, using Seazone's innovative solutions with the expertise of Zona Plus. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about the Seazone platform and how you can become its user.

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