Efficient CRM solutions for yacht charter companies

Do you want to increase your chances of booking? Know who your potential guests are so you know how to communicate with them? Do you want to organize your work processes? It's time for a modern and advanced Customer Relationship Management system or CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a set of digital tools for managing relationships with existing and future clients, i.e., guests. Their goal is to organize all guest information in one place and automate marketing, sales, and customer service.  
In the simplest terms, CRM is a technological system that significantly facilitates the organization of communication between you and your guests, as well as between your employees. At the same time, it also enables tracking all guest-related tasks. As a result, it improves communication and work processes, and with them, you can improve your yacht charter company.   
Quality CRM software is an indispensable tool for successful and personalized relationships, which increases the number of bookings for you and general satisfaction for your guests.  
By including your potential future yacht charterers in the CRM system, you put them and their needs at the center of your business strategy. CRM software simplifies and facilitates sales and marketing activities and the use of customer support systems.  
To be able to approach your clients individually and become aware of their needs, you would have to collect and analyze a large amount of information. This process is not only impractical but also time-consuming if you don't have this information visible and organized in one place. And CRM software does just that for you.  

What are the benefits of the CRM system in the yacht charter?  

Over time, with the help of CRM software, you can collect and analyze valuable data about your guests. This data will tell you what their needs are, their habits, what challenges they face, and how you can help them. All this will serve to improve future communication with them, maybe even predict some steps, prepare personalized offers for them, and speed up the processes of your yacht charter company.  
The most significant advantage of using a CRM system in a charter business is the saving time and energy that you currently spend on the booking process. CRM allows you to automate and standardize most of your communication. Thanks to sophisticated analytics, you will be able to follow the numbers as they change in real-time. This also means you can learn from mistakes much faster and adjust sales and marketing strategies if necessary.  
In addition, the use of CRM software will further improve your communication with guests, as well as communication among your employees. In CRM, you can access analytics and monitor the entire sales process. All sales team members can have insight into all data and previous communication with clients from the first contact. This makes it significantly easier for them to present the service more effectively, reducing unnecessary repetition and burdening potential customers.  
For example, guests can contact you through different channels (phone, e-mail, social networks…) and ask for information, call back, report challenges with your service, etc. When you don't collect this information in one place, a lot of it gets lost - on paper, in the heads of your employees, in documents, or in e-mails. Because of all this, your customer service is slower, less efficient and you miss out on many booking opportunities.  
A lot of administration means less time for anything else, losing important details and reducing the efficiency of your employees. As a result, it can cause dissatisfaction among your guests and a smaller number of rented vessels.  
If CRM software is the one that collects and analyzes data for you and automates your slow processes, you can have more time to develop creative solutions and techniques to set you apart from the competition.   

What are the best CRM solutions for yacht charters?  

Before choosing your CRM software, consider what options you need when working with clients now and in the future. To make it easier for you, we have prepared some of the most popular CRM solutions and their characteristics below.  


Salesforce is a CRM software with many advanced features and functions as an "all-in-one", which is why it's more suitable for large companies. Still, it can certainly be used by smaller companies or complete beginners.   
It functions on the cloud principle, and you can access its numerous options with a monthly subscription to the service. Salesforce has a wide range of advanced features you can customize for your business, from a customer base and many marketing and sales solutions to community management, analytics options, and artificial intelligence (AI).  
The disadvantages of this valued CRM software lie in the rather high price of the package per user and the significant amount of time that needs to be set aside for learning, as it is full of numerous advanced options.   

Zoho CRM  

Zoho CRM is another leading CRM software that offers a lot of features like Salesforce but for a slightly more affordable price. This CRM software will be ideal for you if your business is small or even medium-sized, as you can access it for free with limited options if you have fewer than 10 users.  
Zoho CRM offers a wide variety of options adaptable to your needs with a highly modern interface that is easy to navigate. One of the options of this CRM software that stands out in particular and could be an additional advantage is prizes and trophies for those who succeed in meeting sales goals.  
Among other things, by using Zoho CRM software, you will be able to make accurate predictions of your guests' behavior and automate the booking process. At the same time, you will get access to detailed analytics that will help you improve communication with clients. Slow user support and maybe even too many options that can reduce the working functionality and make the learning process more complex can be mentioned as a disadvantage of this software.  

HubSpot CRM  

HubSpot CRM is currently one of the most innovative CRM software on the market. It's ideal for small companies because it has a free version with no limit on the number of users and offers a large number of add-ons with which you can adapt the basic software to your needs.  
It is also an excellent choice if you have no experience using a CRM system in your business. The interface of this popular CRM software is easy to use, and you can quickly learn how. In addition, it comes with instructions that will further familiarize you with the interface's appearance and how it works.  
You can use HubSpot CRM software to collect data on potential guests and for marketing and customer support. In HubSpot, it's also possible to embed chats on your website so guests can contact you 24/7.   
It's great that you can upgrade it as your business grows, and you don't have to worry about changing CRM software later as your company's needs grow.  
As a disadvantage of this CRM software, we can point out its price, which can be increased considerably by adding numerous premium options that you can choose from.  
Suppose you want to take a serious and organized approach to your current and future guests and provide them with the high-quality service they expect from you. In that case, you should implement CRM software in your business as soon as possible. In today's era of fast communication and a large amount of information, every missed opportunity is paid dearly, so stop missing them.  
Contact us if you need help implementing a CRM solution for your yacht charter business. 

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