IQNautics – transforming the nautical industry and business

Can you imagine your life or business without the help of digital tools? Of course not, because digital tools have become indispensable, improving and simplifying our everyday lives. Introducing IQNautics, a digital tool that will change your life and completely revolutionize the operations of your yacht charter company.

IQNautics is a digital platform designed to enhance all operational tasks for sailors, charter companies, as well as shipowners and ports. It was created to free you from manual tasks and make your business more efficient, making you and your employees more productive. 
IQNautics' digital solutions simplify business processes, increase employee engagement, and ensure top-notch customer service – a win-win situation. But what exactly does IQNautics offer? 


IQNautics – enhanced digital services 

IQNautics connects the entire nautical community, making it not just a digital platform but also a collaborative space for all nautical professionals. 
In short, IQNautics allows charter companies and others to increase user engagement and automate everyday repetitive tasks. Besides reducing paperwork, it offers numerous other advantages, including: 

  • Automatic contract generation and vessel management 
  • Digital check-in/check-out processes 
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Centralized task management 
  • Improved operational transparency with real-time fleet information 
  • User interface designed to enhance interaction and user satisfaction 
  • Tools for crew and location management for more efficient operations 

IQNautics for yacht rentals 

IQNautics is an innovative digital platform that transforms and modernizes yacht charter operations, significantly improving both business efficiency and the user experience

Digital check-in/check-out 

Paperwork is a thing of the past, with the digital check-in/check-out system automating forms based on vessel profiles and adapting them to specific needs. Employees can complete check-outs via smartphones or tablets, and documents are automatically sent to all parties. Photos and crew instructions are easily updated. 

Digital user interface 

The digital check-in interface enhances user engagement from pre-booking to check-in. Users create profiles and dashboards, including vessel information, important dates, and documents. They can also book additional services and provide arrival information via the platform. 

Crew list and skipper information 

Document collection on the day of check-in is simplified. Users can upload IDs and skipper licenses to their dashboards. Crew information is entered directly, and forms are automatically generated for printing or digital signing. 

Digital documents 

Generating and using digital contracts is simplified. Information is auto-filled starting from templates. Templates for contracts, crew lists, and other documents can be saved and applied as needed. Exporting and downloading PDFs for records or port authorities is straightforward. 

Crew and base management 

The platform efficiently supports business growth by allowing the creation of multiple bases. Vessels and employees can be assigned to these bases, and all associated information automatically generates contracts and crew lists. Employees manage vessels from their assigned bases. 

Vessel page and live status 

Access comprehensive vessel information, including profiles, processes, documents, and repair histories. Live status updates reflect the vessel's stage: rented, ready for check-out, cleaned, repaired, or ready for check-in. Based on vessel profiles, smart documents are automatically generated. 

Process tracking 

The entire rental process can be tracked. Monitor preparation stages such as cleaning, repairs, and check-in. Document requirements for the next user can be viewed, allowing accurate assessment of user pick-up times. 

Task assignment 

Clear task assignments and tracking increase employee efficiency. From check-out to check-in, employees receive specific instructions via the platform. Task lists can be easily shared via email or WhatsApp, and crews update status after task completion.



IQNautics for skippers 

IQNautics enables the use of free terrestrial AIS traffic information on smartphones, and the app is compatible with iPads and Android tablets. 

How the maritime traffic app works 

The app provides intuitive maritime traffic information via terrestrial AIS, offering a more complete picture of actual traffic. The smartphone acts as an AIS device, making real-time traffic information available, thereby improving sailing safety. 

Fleet mode 

IQNautics facilitates collaboration among skippers, allowing the creation of fleets and sharing statistics. This feature helps plan assistance and arrival, improving the overall sailing experience. 

Why use IQNautics 

Do you want to simplify your business? Optimize your business processes? Manage your fleet in one place? 
Then IQNautics is the ideal platform for you, as it is designed for the nautical and maritime industry, offering digitalization tools that will help you shorten your workday and reduce paperwork. 
Yacht renters and skippers can use IQNautics to simplify operations, improve customer service, increase efficiency, and facilitate collaboration. 
Using this platform, along with the collective strength of the nautical community, can positively impact others who have yet to try a digital tool and simplify their lives and work. 

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