The tourism fair PLACE2GO - more challenging than any before

The jubilee 10th tourism fair PLACE2GO brings us a lot of exhibitors, but also a lot of exciting things. In addition to the countries exhibiting for the first time, this year Algeria will be introduced for the first time, which is also a partner country. But, of course, that's not all...

According to its organisers, this year's 10th international tourism fair, PLACE2GO will be more challenging than any before. Primarily because it brings some new destinations that have not been introduced so far.  
The program of the 10th PLACE2GO fair was presented recently, and the fair will be held from March 24 to 26 in Arena Zagreb. Among the more than 200 exhibitors at the fair, three new participating countries will appear - Algeria as a partner country and exhibitors from Albania and Bulgaria, who will present their tourist offer for the first time at the Croatian tourism fair.   

The jubilee PLACE2GO fair is an opportunity to deepen relations  

This year, at the 10th anniversary fair, Algeria was selected as a partner country. The organisers see the fair as an excellent opportunity to further deepen relations with this largest African country. It is an opportunity to bring Algeria closer to us and exchange knowledge between two countries with huge tourism potential.  
On March 24, a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the field of tourism is planned to be signed at the fair, which aims to strengthen cooperation between Croatia and Algeria, two Mediterranean countries, and increase the number of mutual tourist trips.  
In addition to little-known Algeria, visitors to the fair will have the opportunity to get to know other exotic locations such as Malaysia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, but also newly discovered destinations such as Albania and Bulgaria and the war-affected Ukraine.  
Among the exhibitors are well-known destinations such as Austria, the Netherlands and Italy, as well as neighbouring countries - Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.   

The most important trends in tourism on three panels  

The PLACE2GO jubilee fair not only presents new destinations, but also significant names in the tourism industry. Namely, this year several interesting B2B panels will be held where the future of tourism in Croatia and abroad will be discussed.  
The fair wants to focus on the B2B aspect of tourism in order to further encourage cooperation and the development of tourism products. As part of this year's fair, three panels will be organised, which will deal with essential trends in tourism:  
Panel "AI - the new virtual revolution": is intended to discuss artificial intelligence and its impact on tourism. Panellists will discuss the application of artificial intelligence in the tourism sector, such as personalised experiences, chatbots and other forms of automation.  
Panel "Sustainability in tourism - from theory to realisation": intends to discuss examples of sustainability in tourism that have already been realised in practice. Panellists will present concrete examples of sustainability in tourism, from tourist destinations to carriers and hotels.  
Panel Nautica 240+: panel on the potential of Croatia for the development of year-round nautical tourism intends to discuss the possibilities of the development of year-round nautical tourism in Croatia. Panellists will discuss various aspects of this type of tourism, from infrastructure to necessary promotional activities.   

Panel Nautica 240+ - pushing the boundaries of seasonality

The Nautica 240+ panel at this year's PLACE2GO fair aims to highlight Croatia's potential for developing year-round nautical tourism. At the same time, we would like to encourage discussion on the possibilities of developing and improving infrastructure and promoting and improving the quality of services in this tourism branch.  
The panellists will focus on the importance of the year-round availability of nautical infrastructure and especially on solving challenges in winter when the tourist season declines.  
Selma Čmelik, founder of the č platform, will also attend this panel, moderate the discussion and present her experiences on nautical tourism in Croatia. In addition, the panellists will discuss the needs and wishes of guests in the nautical charter and how to provide quality service throughout the year. The promotion of Croatia as an attractive nautical destination on a global level will also be discussed.  
The panel aims to highlight the importance of developing year-round nautical tourism as one of the essential branches of tourism in Croatia and how to improve the existing offer to attract new guests and stimulate further tourist consumption.  
In addition to the founder of the platform Selma Čmelik, some of the panel participants will be: Aco Momčilović (Global AI Ethics Institute), Vedran Srhoj-Egekher (JellyRide), Zoran Pejović (Jadranka turizam), Todor Bobev (CEO TouchMenu), Marina Komarić (Expedia), Goran Rihelj (HrTurizam), Luka Kalember (Ban Tours), Danijela Podhraški (Danyelle Yachting) and Maja Ban (MYS Yachting), Rudi Grula (Director of TZ Međimurje County), Nuša Korotaj (CEO Terme Sveti Martin), Luka Jureško (COO Submarine Burger), Marina Komarić (Expedia group).    

PLACE2GO presents various exhibits and brings famous influencers  

During the weekend, the PLACE2GO fair will be dedicated to travel enthusiasts. Except from the exhibitors' perspective, customs, flavours, costumes, and culture of the world will be presented to the visitors by various lecturers and influencers.  
Attractive stands with unexpected contents will be exhibited at the fair, which will give visitors an insight into novelties and trends in tourism, such as a prefabricated glamping tent, which will represent a new trend in the tourist offer.  
Numerous exhibitors also prepare valuable prizes for visitors, including round-trip plane tickets to various destinations. Croatia Airlines, as the general sponsor of this year's fair, emphasises that PLACE2GO will be an excellent opportunity to push the boundaries in tourism.  
At the PLACE2GO fair, our well-known influencers will reveal how the love for travel started and share tricks on choosing a destination, booking a flight and accommodation, and preparing for the trip. Some will explain in more detail what happens when travel becomes a business.  
Dejan Nemčić, "the best professor in the world", and Ribafish ", the best gastro blogger among professors", will reveal how the world can be interactively discovered even from the classroom. Tips on creating content will be shared by Putoholičari, and the "Putoklinci" platform will reveal all the secrets of travelling with little ones to parents. World traveller and musician Ida Prester will lead the program again this year.  

Presentation of Croatia through the lens of visitors  

The organisers of the PLACE2GO fair, in cooperation with HTZ, launched an initiative to show Croatia through the lens of visitors #ljepotaHRVATSKE. Therefore, they are looking for 20 of the most beautiful photos to adorn the fair screens and show our country in all its glory. This is the most authentic way of presenting the country's natural beauty, architecture, gastronomy, flora and fauna to numerous foreign exhibitors.  
Each person can submit a maximum of three photos, and the jury will choose twenty of the most beautiful to be part of the fair. This is an excellent opportunity for all lovers of photography who have the chance to present their works to the public.  
The director of the PLACE2GO fair, Damjana Domanovac, expressed her satisfaction that visitors will have the opportunity to see the beauty of Croatia from different perspectives and thus contribute to the promotion of tourism in the country.  
The patrons of this year's 10th anniversary fair are the President of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian Tourist Board, the City of Zagreb, and the City of Zagreb Tourist Board. Entry to Arena Zagreb will be free for all interested visitors.

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